Fashion Clothes
Spring 2012
For this project we had to bring in different articles of clothing and change them into something new. My group took a scarf and made it into a shirt for mckenzie. Then we took pink Hollister pants and made them into shorts with a silver band at the bottom. After that we made little accesories to match the outfits. It took us about a week and it was really fun!

Braided Rug
Spring 2012
This a braided rug that we had to make. I took little pieces of sheets and braided them together to make it into one long huge braid. I spun the braid around in a circle and stiched the braids together. After i was done with the red i sewed on more sheets and braided them and then repated the steps. I gave it to my mom and she uses it as a coaster for cooking at home and she loves it.

Picture Board
Spring 2012
This was an opitonal project so that we could keep busy and i decided to do it. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out my fabric, ribbon, and jems to put on the board. I put puffy stuff on top of the board then wrapped the fabric on top of it and stapled it to the back. I put the ribbon where i thought it would look good and hot glued the ribbon to the back and added some jems to spice it up. Me and my roomate are going to hang it up in our dorm room and put pictures on it.

My Room
Winter 2012
For this project we had to draw what our rooms looked like. I had to set up a vanishing point and have everything pointing or directing to that one point. My actual room looks almost identical to the picture. It took me about 3 weeks to draw this because then we also had to color it. It was a challenging but yet fun project.

Newspaper Sketch
Spring 2012
This was a drawing that we had to do. Every monday we picked something out of a jar and then we had to sketch on an outfit for the girl in 3 different poses. This particular Monday someone picked out a newspaper. I decided to draw a shirt on the girl with a bunch of writing on it. Then we had to add a little color to it so i colored the shirt pink and gave her some blue jeans.

UW Oshkosh
Spring 2012
This is one of my final projects that I did. I had to take two different colors of fleece and cut them so they were equal lengths. After i did that i cute 2 inch long slices on all sides and a square out of each corner and then started tieing the two different pieces together. I am making these for all of my friends for their graduation presents with the two colors of the college they are going to.