ButtonsFall 2011I gathered dozens of buttons all over my house and brought them into class.I then put wire through the buttons and twisted it to make it look pretty.After that I added a lot of litte beads to fill it out and make it look betterWhen i was finished with it, I gave it to my mom for a gift.
Crystal ClearFall 2011To start the project out, I picked a stone to fit in the center of my project.Then i bended and twisted my wire around the pebble to hold it in place.I strung wire and added beads to the wire to make it look elegante.After I was finished with the project i hung it on my review mirror in my car.

BasketballWinter 2011For the basketball team we had to have secret buddies for christmas and I had Tara Knapstein as a buddy so I made her this mosaic. I put the red, orange,and white class on a piece of wood and glued them down. After that I glued the balck pieces down and grouted it with black grout and cleaned off each pieceindividually with paper towel. I gave it to her and she loved it!


Shiny LinksFall 2011For this project we had to make a linked bracelet using 20 gaged wireand I decided to make earrings along with it. I made a loop with my toolsand then added a bead and kept repeating that process until it fit mywrist. For the earrings i made a big loop and then connect a head pin withseveral beads on it. I gave this to my mom for a little present and she was really excited.

Decorative Wine GlassesFall 2011This project was called the pyote stitch, we had to use thread and thesame kinds of beads and weave it around an object. It took me a whileto do both of them but it was fun. I gave both of the galsses to my momand she actuallys uses them